Registered and experienced Family Day Care Educators providing a nurturing home based learning environment for your child on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


AVALON BEACH FAMILY DAY CARE is comprised of Little Gumtrees Family Daycare  in Avalon Beach. The service is registered under Family Day Care Sydney Wide – Northern Beaches meaning it is  eligible for all relevant government childcare rebates that families can claim through Centrelink. The service registration also ensures all health and safety requirements are complied with as stipulated in The National Quality Standard. Your Educator is required to meet the standards through ongoing training and regular home  safety inspections by the regulatory authority.


Although there are many choices for childcare in Avalon Beach,  we believe Family Day Care offers the most caring, nurturing option for your family.


  • Experienced, Registered, Qualified, Caring Educator.
  • Welcoming , safe home environment while offering educational programmes based on the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Small group learning allows children to develop self confidence creating a natural approach to play and discovery.
  • Passionate Family Day Educators form genuine lasting bonds with your child and family allowing you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and cared for.


My service operates from a safe and welcoming home environment. I believe that young children should not be consigned to a classroom like atmosphere in a small room but can relax and enjoy cooking activities in the kitchen and playing in a lounge room like they would at home. Outside areas include spacious decks and gardens, with trees and natural spaces to play in.

The daily programme at both services follows the Early Years Learning Framework which was introduced in 2010 for use in not only Family Daycare, but also in long daycare centres and preschools, for children aged 0-5 and through the transition to school. The framework emphasises play based learning with educators creating secure partnerships with families to allow children to feel a sense of ‘Belonging’.

Activities are based on the children’s individual interests and developed and extended by experienced educators. Learning opportunities are also created through the everyday routines where children are encouraged to gradually take responsibility for themselves in a safe and age appropriate way.

At Avalon Beach Family Day Care we both use Kinderloop for parent communication. This App allows educators and families to share experiences about the children. You will receive photos and news on a daily basis. Kinderloop is a private closed loop, posts are only shared with invited family members and cannot be shared across the web. Grandparents and extended family can be included which makes it a great way for them to be updated on the children.

About Little Gumtrees Family Day Care

My Name is Lin Struthers and I am the educator at Little Gumtrees Family Daycare in Avalon Beach.

As well as many years of experience as a mother of four I have a Certificate 3 in Child care and the required First Aid certificates including CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis training. I am currently halfway through a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education that I am studying part time. I was also delighted to win the Educator of the Year Award (North Sydney and Northern Beaches ) from Family Day Care Australia for 2017 and 2018 with nominations in 2019 and 2020

My philosophy is to provide a safe and secure environment for children to thrive. Small children learn best when they feel connected so I aim to create a caring, engaging and warm relationship with all children in my care. To create a family environment where they develop the confidence to explore and discover the world around them.

My daily programme is developed from my understanding of the children and their individual interests. The programme is flexible and can take an unexpected turn as children offer their own ideas. This is what makes Family Day Care so special.

I aim to provide children with a love and respect for the natural world, with activities such as caring for our garden and utilizing natural resources for creative outside play. Many of our activities are conducted outside where the set up allows for ball games, mud play in our mud kitchen but also for watching a beetle climb a tree or lie on a rug to read a book together.

All learning is play based. I am passionate about offering an ever-increasing range of books to stimulate conversation and develop interests. Activities that allow children to question, experiment and discover are the basis of what I provide.

Children learn confidence, as they are encouraged to help each other with daily life skills. Everyone is listened to and respected and they are encouraged to treat others with the same care and respect.

I am passionate about creating an environment that allows children the time and space to grow into happy, contented and curious people, because when children develop into confident explorers, who knows where that could lead.

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